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The Florentine Historie. Written in the Italian tongue, by Nicholo Macchiavelli. Citizen and secretaire of Florence. And translated into English by T. B. Esquire.

Machiavelli, Niccolò

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[Guardia] [Guardia]
[Frontespizio] pagina [I]
[bianca] pagina [II]
[Epistle dedicatoire] [Thomas Bedingfeld] To the right honourable syr Christopher Hatton, Knight of the Order, one of her maiesties privie councell, and Lord Chancellour of England pagine [III-IV]
The Proeme of the Authour pagine [V-VI]
To the Reader pagine [VII-IX]
The Contents of many principall things worthie note, conteined in this worke pagine [X-XII]
The First Booke of the Florentine Historie pagine 1-27
The Second Booke pagine 27-60
The Third Booke pagine 61-88[errore per: 86]
The Fourth Booke pagine 87-111
The Fift Booke pagine 111-140
The Sixt Booke pagine 141-169
The Seventh Booke pagine 169-194
The Eight Booke pagine 195-222
[Colophon] London Printed by Thomas Creede, for William Ponsonby. 1595 pagina 222
[bianche] pagine [223-224]
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